Process Group: Executing Process Group

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The Executing Process Group consists of those processes performed to complete the work defined in the project management plan to satisfy the project objectives.

This Process Group involves coordinating people and resources, managing stakeholder expectations, as well as integrating and performing the activities of the project in accordance with the project management plan.

During project execution, results may require updates to project plans and baselines. It may include changes to expected activity durations, changes in resource productivity and availability, and unanticipated risks. Such variances may affect the project management plan or project documents and may require detailed analysis and development of appropriate project management responses.

The results of the analysis can trigger change requests that, if approved, may modify the project management plan or other project documents and possibly require establishing new baselines. A large portion of the project’s budget will be expended in performing the Executing Process Group processes.

Concluding Remarks:  This is the Process Group where the actual Project work is performed and will require the most time and efforts from most of the stakeholders involved in the project.

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