Process Group: Closing Process Group

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The Closing Process Group consists of those processes performed to conclude all activities across all Project Management Process Groups to formally complete the project, phase, or contractual obligations.

This Process Group verifies that the defined processes are completed within all of the Process Groups to close the project or a project phase, as appropriate, and formally establishes that the project or project phase is complete.

This Process Group also formally establishes the premature closure of the project. Prematurely closed projects may include, for example: aborted projects, cancelled projects, and projects having a critical situation.

In specific cases, when some contracts cannot be formally closed (e.g. claims, termination clauses, etc.) or some activities are to be transferred to other organizational units, specific hand-over procedures may be arranged and finalized.

At project or phase closure, the following may occur:

  • Obtain acceptance by the customer or sponsor to formally close the project or phase,
  • Conduct post-project or phase-end review,
  • Record impacts of tailoring to any process,
  • Document lessons learned,
  • Apply appropriate updates to organizational process assets,
  • Archive all relevant project documents in the project management information system (PMIS) to be used as historical data,
  • Close out all procurement activities ensuring termination of all relevant agreements, and
  • Perform team members’ assessments and release project resources.

Concluding Remarks:  Many a times Project is termed completed without gracefully seeking a closure of the Project with all its stakeholders. This Process Group Activities help carry out all the required things to be done for the right closure of the Project and handing over for Operations.

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