Knowledge Area: Project Integration Management

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Project Integration Management includes all the processes and activities to:

  • identify,
  • define,
  • combine,
  • unify, and
  • coordinate

the various processes and project management activities within the Project Management Process Groups.

Project Integration Management also includes characteristics of unification, consolidationcommunication, and integrative actions that are crucial to controlled project execution through completion, successfully managing stakeholder expectations, and meeting requirements. It also includes making choices about resource allocation, making trade-offs among competing objectives and alternatives, and managing the inter-dependencies amongst all the Project Management Knowledge Areas.


Project Integration Management processes are as follows:


      • Develop Project Charter—The process of developing a document that formally authorizes the existence of a project and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities.
      • Develop Project Management Plan—The process of defining, preparing, and coordinating all subsidiary plans and integrating them into a comprehensive project management plan. The project’s integrated baselines and subsidiary plans may be included within the project management plan.
      • Direct and Manage Project Work—The process of leading and performing the work defined in the project management plan and implementing approved changes to achieve the project’s objectives.
      • Monitor and Control Project Work—The process of tracking, reviewing, and reporting project progress against the performance objectives defined in the project management plan.
      • Perform Integrated Change Control—The process of reviewing all change requests; approving changes and managing changes to deliverables, organizational process assets, project documents, and the project management plan; and communicating their disposition.
      • Close Project or Phase—The process of finalizing all activities across all of the Project Management Process Groups to formally complete the phase or project.


There is no single way to manage a project. You need to apply project management knowledge, skills, and required processes in a preferred order and with varying rigor to achieve the desired project performance. However, the determination that a particular process is not required does not mean that it should not be addressed. The project manager and project team need to address every process and the project environment to determine the level of implementation for each process within the project.


Concluding Remarks: Project Integration Management can be viewed as an orchestration layer of the entire project.

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